Thursday, 21 August 2014

#6 Music post.


          Firstly she's a Londoner.
                                                                    Second her hat game.

Thirdly Milo's a music sensation at 18, soulful, honest and ahead of the game - super calm vibes. The BRIT school dropout was inspired by Jazz and Hip Hop and began mixing poetry with Jazz instrumentals aged just 14.   

"There was so little of that where I lived; an area which gave little hope to anyone, 
it's almost like they were told that they had a crappy fate and were willing to just go along with it." 
-Rainy speaking on positive influences when she was growing up

 Starting out in Croydon Rainy was whisked away to LA to record with Gaga's label. She's the real deal yet remains grounded in the grand scheme of things, which is an indicator for true success.

Not only is she talented Milo's style is always perfection. Her dress sense is a trademark of retrospective Britain, mixing modern clothing with retro pieces. Like the antique print on her bomber jacket mixed with gold jewelery. She takes fashion advice from her mother and older sister and hails "charity shops in rich area's."
 "I'm not original I am simply a physical collective of my influences"

 Rainy released her mix tape "Limey"in 2013. Her latest release is her debut album "This thing of ours" which came out march 3rd. 
Featuring 'Bout you.

The Guardian describes her as having "the wit of Lily Allen, the sincerity of Corinne Bailey Rae and the panache of MIA."

Talented, stunning and humble. Ermm what's not to love? Rainy's the perfect mix.. of art and British realism her sultry voice slows things down. Her albums perfect for lazy days and long journey's. Listening to Rats is like escaping from the rat race.

 Track list
1. Are you sure 
2. 'Bout you
3. This thing of ours 
4. Rats
5. Miss you
6. Treasure girl
7. In this place
8.Deal me briefly
9. Wimbledon
10. so uneasy

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