Thursday, 31 July 2014

#5. Quick and easy tips to increase your happy vibes

The last month has been a test from the heavens so I haven't posted in the longest. Long story short last minute student house hunting is a masssive drain on life (and pocket). It's actually harder than it seems even when you have everything covered letting agents will always find a way to mess with your happy vibes. So whilst I'm semi-homeless, staying at a mates, juggling jobs and my diss proposal. I want to breath some much needed life into my blog with an energy boosting post.

9 ways to boost your energy when you're on zero..

1. Calm your panties. Take 10 deep..slow.. breaths. Not all, but a lot of your problems are in your mind, sometimes worrying about what needs to be done rather than doing it uses more energy. Most things will seem better with a clear head.

2. Sing as loud as you like. Soz neighbors, but my sanity is more important than your daily fix of Eastenders. This will bring you into the present and increase your happy vibes (something to do with sound waves) Click here to find out how sound waves can give you the same feeling as a martini ;)
3. Open the windows, let the fresh air in especially if you're stuck inside for long periods.Or go outdoors take a walk around the block, the fresh air will do you good.

4. Get some lovin. A few words of encouragement go a long way.

5. Stay dehydrated. We all know the effects of dehydration, please don't assume your super human or Nemo and don't need your 2 liters a day.

6. Add a slice of lemon.The smallest things send happy signals to our brain. Plus lemon is healthy and helps with weight loss. You can double pat yourself on the back for being bothered to slice it and that your taking care of your body!! When life give you lemons..

7. Consume zi fruit, especially berries and banana's. Mix it into a super smoothie to gain natural energy from the sugars, look you may need the toilet but the 7 pounds lighter feeling will no doubt increase your mood.

8. Get enough sleep. It's prettty obvious, but especially for me seems to be the hardest one. 7 to 8 hours will turn you're mornings and frown around.

9. Tea. Earl gray. Nothing more. 

So these are free and easy tips to instantly boost your mood. Enjoy staying cool as a cucumber no matter what mother earth throws your way. 

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