Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Welcome to F.E.M blog. A movement to empower, inspire and enlighten young women by getting into the psyche of our inner DIVA, uh huh honey! Us women are complex creatures, we feel we empathize, we tend to put others in front of ourselves. There's a thin line between giving and giving in, so think of this blog as a FemBible, which comments on and encourages self developing material, through fashion, the concept of positive energy and music. The definition of a DIVA is "A celebrated one" interpret this into the context of this blog and you get one who has reached recognition for there acquired skills. Each of us has the potential to unleash our DIVA mind state and reach our dream. A true diva's mentality is having a goal and doing everything in her power to reach it, talking about hitting those falsetto's ladies. Forget cliche's or stereotypes, this is not a battle of the sex's this a blog where women can gather positive energy so get inspired, cause I'm inspired.  

#Feminine  : fem¦in|ine 

1.Having qualities or an appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness. 

#Feminism : fem¦in|ism

 1.The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

F.E.M Fashion 
Calling all Vanity slaves F.E.M fashion will be your weekly fashion fix. I invite you to scrutinize styles from high fashion to high street. Beauty has no niche, colour, shape or size and there is nothing more attractive than a beautiful women, comfortable in her own skin.  
F.E.M Energy 
A section will be dedicated to positive philosophy- maintaining your energy. The single most important part of your being. There are many names for it, your spirit, drive, soul if you believe in that sort of thing. Simple things can be done to raise your energy and I'll be focusing on the most important three; Diet, Exercise and Positive affirmations.

F.E.M Music
The thing about music is that when it hits, you feel no pain. - Bob Marley
Wait a minute, so how does music hit you? Does it chuck an invisible pillow your way. It must hit us in a different sense, affecting mood and thoughts. You could be working at Mc Donalds flipping burgers 'like a boss' because your in Ricky Ross mode and the next moment change the style to majestic and your transported to Ibiza.

Keep you eyes peeled for Fashion, Energy and Music posts, and feel free to speak your mind.
Stay blessed

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